Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I haven't been laid up for the past two weeks with the flu.

What I have been is a lame ass. I seem to have very little motivation to get on the computer once I get home. I don't know why. Obviously, I love computers, because I spend nine hours a day on one, right?

Well, maybe that it's quite the definition of love.

No pictures. Sorry. Soon, though. I will deliver! And when I deliver the goods that is pictures, it will be of a new sweater and a finished pair of purple/yellow socks. Have I finished these items? Well... No. But soon. Very soon, I will. I am knitting the sleeves onto the body of the sweater as I type this. With my toes.

Ok, maybe I that's not entirely accurate. But it is on my lap and I am knitting the sleeve between hitting "Save as Draft", etc. (Oh, good ol' Pentium II. Believe me, if I had a different home PC, I wouldn't have so much knitting time.)

I did get a substantial amount of knitting on this sweater done while ill. I'm trying to work from the stash - which is also substantial, I'm pained to say - and I desperately need another black cardigan. Black cardigans go with everything, especially if you're like me and everything you wear is black, or might as well be. (Yes, it's true. I wear 90% black and gray. The remaining 10%? Brown, orange, and burgundy. Sometimes red. But mainly orange and burgundy. Together. Over something black and gray. I know, I'm terrrible. I don't know how I have evaded the fashion police so far.)

Wow! Am I rambling on. What do you want to bet that Blogger loses this post because I have invested so much time in it? How about two skeins of that discontinued KnitPicks sock yarn, "Sock Garden", in Zinnia? (Red, orange, yellow! Or was that three skeins? Gosh, I have alot of sock yarn!) If this post goes through, the first person who comments gets it. Even if you don't realize I'm giving away sock yarn! So there! (Don't that sound kind of like a threat? The yarn really isn't that bad, really.)

Boy, I'm in high spirits tonight. Must be all those fumes from cutting rigid foam with an electricified wire all week at work. Enjoy it while you can!

And now, I press the dreaded "Publish" button...

Edit: Arianna got the three skeins, although she insisted on doing something in exchange for them. So I got a decaf soy latte. (I think I came out ahead.)


Jeanette said...

Well, you successfully managed to publish your post, congrats! Are you going to still be working on sleeves tonight or something else? How long are the sleeves turning out to be?

arianna said...

Are people not commenting because they're afraid they'll end up stuck with the yarn? :) If I do end up being first, I'll take it! I can always use some sock yarn to have in-between projects. But do let me know if I can recompensate you (is that the right word? somehow it seems so wrong) for it.

Anyway, do please bring the FOs to the group tonight if you don't get pictures up before then! They sound great, & I do plan to be there tonight, and I'd love to see them. I don't know when, but I'll be there.

p.s. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Carrie k said...

Don't send me any sock yarn. I have enough. Well, enough for now, considering I haven't knit a pair of socks in........ages.

There is nothing wrong with avoiding the computer at home. I mean, other than woefully neglecting us.

What is wrong with a black/gray/brown/orange/burgundy wardrobe?

Fumes? Rigid foam? What are you making?

Lissy said...

No comment. Heeeee.