Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saving a buck

I've been thinking a lot lately about extreme frugality, and this thinking has driven some of my projects. It's debatable whether it's really worthwhile to mend a piece of kid's clothing that could probably be obtained from the thrift store for $1, but that's what I've done. V. has worn a hole in the knee of a pair of brown leggings she wears frequently. I decided to patch it. This grand idea was partially inspired by the butterfly pants I recently fixed up for her, and partly by the heart-shaped pocket on shirt that I just put in the "recycle" pile because it's outgrown. That heart would make a perfect patch. However, being stark white, it would look dingy in no time at all, so I decided to embellish it since I am on an embroidering kick.
I lightly inked in a design to embroider
Main embroidery finished
Blanket stitched onto the leggings.
V. chose the color of the flowers from my box of embroidery thread. I made the bow holding the bouquet of flowers brown (and the blanket stitching) to tie-in the design to the color of the leggings.
I have yet to try them on V., but I think they will be cute on her, especially with a lavender or purple top.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Butterfly pants

I've been thinking a lot about V.'s wardrobe for next year. When you're a single mother with limited income, it's prudent to think somewhat long term about these things. I've acquired quite a few things from free boxes and thrift stores, including a pair of khaki Osh Kosh pants in size 4t that were in excellent shape, save a hole or two in the knees. They were 50 cents, so I couldn't pass them up. Especially since I had a solution: applique knee patches.

I have about a half yard of a printed cotton fabric with butterflies on it that struck me as being perfect for appliqueing. I could had done some simple, classic square knee patches, but if there was going to be something conspicuous on her pants, I figured it should have some flair.
Butterfly knees!
I probably set this one a little too high

I had the flu when I started working on these, so I was in the mood for a lot of sitting around, doing needlework. I did more than just blanket stitch them on - I added details, like tracing the ribbing on the wings with back stitching.I am optimistically hoping that the additional embroidery will make them more durable.
Plenty of room to grow into them
I can picture her wearing these during the fall, or late summer, playing in the garden. I think they'll be great play pants, since they are sturdy and whimsical.