Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is very peculiar

That is today's understatement.

Yesterday, I:
  • got dressed only for the sake of not freaking out people at the grocery store;
  • realized I've caught something like the flu;
  • slept;
  • slept;
  • slept;
  • ate a bowl of rice in veggie bouillon;
  • drank a cup of green tea and a cup of orange juice, as well as a lot of mineral water;
  • ate a little sushi;
  • laid in the dark on the phone a lot.
Well, the recipient of the beanie liked it, but he did not tell me. He told everyone we knew. I don't know how to take that, and I don't really care, actually.  It was only a couple hours of work, which is nothing compared to what I am about to experience with my grandpa's sweater. 

It is already too small. And the gauge is too tight. Which means that although I have knit the back down to the bottom of the armholes and started the front, I need to start over. 

OK. Deep breath. I can do it, yesindeedy. Just as soon as I have enough energy to bother to brush my hair.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My decadent holiday

New Year's Eve, I:
  • ate half a bean and rice burrito with a tamarind soda in the Castro;
  • ate a lot of vegan finger food involving toast and garbanzo beans at a party;
  • consumed a considerable quantity of baby carrots at aforementioned party;
  • and some excellent "rum balls", whatever they were;
  • drank about two vodka tonics, and some rum/ fruit juice Puerto Rican cocktail;
  • wore a feather in my hair.
New Year's Day, I:
  • ate curly fries in a 24 hour diner in SF at around 4 AM;
  • spent an hour and a half in the Mission waiting for the BART to open;
  • froze my ass off;
  • found out it would be two more hours before BART would open;
  • took a cab home;
  • slept;
  • had massive amounts of Thai hangover food. Yum.
Yesterday, I:
  • had a bowl of oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast;
  • ate some vegetarian pot stickers, steamed buns, and green onion pancakes at a Japanese tea house in Berkeley;
  • shared a bread pudding at a chi chi restaurant;
  • ate half a pomegranate that I got from my grandpa's tree;
  • had fried rice and, umm, canned roasted eel with green olives;
  • drank two vodka tonics and two cranberry tonics;
  • ate a piece of bread and went to bed.
Come to think of it, not much about my habits has really changed...

I did a quick swatch of my grandpa's yarn. He doesn't know the breed of the sheep, just that it's some kind of Scottish animal known for fine soft wool. He says if I show him pictures of Scottish sheep he could pinpoint it. I don't know if it will come down to that.
It really is soft wool. I washed but didn't block the swatch. The cables I worked were nothing fancy or final - just half of a Saxon Braid and a lame left twist cable. I'm just trying to determine a general gauge. US #4 needles feel just about right so far.

Soon, I will have photos of some fingerless gloves.