Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still Not Dead

I figure I should post again so that you all know I am not still hung over on chocolate mint liqueur.

I am not still hung over on chocolate mint liqueur.

I am, however, about as depressed as I was after I read V for Vendetta* - I had to go home early today from work because I was weepy.

There is always a catch in life. Sometimes love isn't enough. And I don't even have clue what to do about it except fantasizing about visiting Finland, or perhaps Scotland.

I like reinventing my life. That's what got me from California to Seattle, and from Seattle to Philly and then to Boston. I am the most settled I have ever been right now, and it's pretty uncomfortable, even though I am a homebody. I'm just not an office person. Gah. But this isn't really about traveling and moving, it's about relationships, which are another kind of traveling and moving. And it's really terrible to know that someday you may have to leave a place you love because it can't offer you everything you could ever want.

Ah, but enough that. I am knitting the Retro Rib Cardi from the Winter 2005 IK in "avocado" Wool of the Andes, and it is awesome. Extremely green.
*V for Vendetta had me very, very upset for days because I am an individualist. Go figure.


wenders said...

Man, I wish we could meet for coffee. This entry made me think of a ton of things... I loved that movie, but it left me depressed, too. But for totally different reasons. And it sounds like maybe some mint chocolate liqour is in order. Sorry things aren't so lovely right now for you. Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself and going home from work when needed.

Carrie K said...


Personally I hate and loathe and fear change and yet that's the one freaking constant in my life. I've reinvented against my wishes time & time again and I'm sure it's not done yet. No one and no where will ever deliver everything you could ever want (although it may be offered from time to time). So sad.

Avocado sounds lovely especially since it looks like the avocado crop froze to death this year.