Monday, December 10, 2007

I got your post right here, baby

Jeanette from the Purly Gate (A Knitter's Cult) has pointed out that the post I was promising her on Sunday did not in fact happen.

Well, woman, I am busy. I am in California. There are places to go, people to see, health food stores to get lost in, and long, sunny bike rides to take. I'm sure you'll understand. By the way, how's that snow in Boston?

Here's my home town about three weeks ago. This is one of the busy streets. Bungalows, oh how I have missed you! Inside of my grandma's house. Hi, Grandma!
The crocheted blanket on the bed in my grandma's guest room. She made it.

This is Cat, the Living Cat Mummy. Petting this cat is like petting a sticky muppet stuffed with bones. (What was that, Grandma? The cat's in the house? Yeah, well, this was before you woke up. I didn't know better. She acted like she came in the house every day.)
A view. Not as cold as it looks.
Another view. They've got a lot of it there.
And another view.
Sibling #6, slightly wet, at our mom's house.
Sibling #7, in a coffeehouse. It's the same one I went to.
Sibling #5? (Oh, no, I've lost count!) Well, anway, this is a sibling. And her baby, the one I have been knitting like a fiend for. He's actually a lot happier than he looks - he's not quite used to maniacal aunts pointing cameras at him.
Another sibling. She's feigning surprise. That camera doesn't have quick flash action, dammit.
And that's it for now.


Jeanette said...

Busy, you think you are busy?! Not possible, how can you be busy if you aren't slipping and sliding on the ice and bundling up for the cold, or going to the GD! I simply can't understand WHAT you see in CA!
Seriously though, thanks for the post, your grandma's house looks very nice, bungalows are adorable (won't you just love to live in a bungalow, there is just something about that word). Beautiful views and enough with the babbling now.

Carrie K said...

Outdoor kitty? In this cold weather we're having? Poor kitty.

Lissy said...

Dude, I hope you're not too busy to respond to my email inquiring what to get you for a housewarming gift! That IS busy. I await your further communication when your schedule permits. ;)

I'm pining for ya but so not jealous of CA as I just got back from there. It was colder there than here in Boston because we're on a peninsula way out on the ocean so it's wet and clammy, and my mom is in a permanent state of hot flash and she keeps the house as cold as a meat locker. I could't wait to get back east so I could warm up! LOL

So glad you're having fun and planting roots and nesting and hanging with the family.

Vegan Pi said...

Cute kitty! I'm impressed that you keep track of your siblings as well as you do. We might get snow this're going to miss it! :)