Friday, October 10, 2008

The Dilemma

Yesterday, I:

  • had to get up early to go to some course for work at some hard to get to location;
  • only had a sandwich made of two scrambled eggs with mozzarella on top, between two pieces of buttered wheat toast with a cup of coffee;
  • thought I’d only get to eat the two boiled eggs that were hastily packed for my lunch (because of aforementioned course required me leaving for work early);
  • got lost on the way and had to be rescued by my boss;
  • spent about nine hours in a lecture on Cathodic Protection that was occasionally interrupted by 15 minute intervals of eating and peeing (I know, I make it sound soooo exciting!);
  • nearly went into a fit when I saw the food spread had little packets of peanut butter;
  • had a decaf coffee;
  • ate a croissant with peanut butter and honey, some melon slices and berries;
  • ate a sandwich made of wheat bread with mayo, lots of Monterey Jack, lettuce, and tomato;
  • ate a BIG sugar cookie;
  • had most of a large dill pickle;
  • ate some egg salad and some more fruit;
  • and then ate some more fruit and more decaf and an orange juice;
  • was hungry enough when I got home to make myself three pieces of French Toast;
  • went to bed.

I am just a tad hungry.

Okay, this is kind of perpetual problem for me – small stomach, fast metabolism. A couple hours without eating and I don’t exactly feel faint, but I do feel like I’m far from being a happy camper. For instance, right now.

Today, I:

  • had about a cup and a half of oatmeal with milk and honey and half a cup of coffee with milk;
  • went to test for yesterday’s course;
  • had two cups of decaf, a slice of banana bread (no croissants! :O), and some melon and berries again;
  • ate two hard boiled eggs with nutritional yeast and salt about an hour later.

And now it’s a couple hours after that and I am dying. Dying, I tell you! I ate one of those peanut butter packets I scored from the course smorgasbord (who’d notice?) but that only staved off the hunger for a very, very short while. I have set the boyfriend via instant messaging to making split pea soup, but I won’t be having any of that for at least three more hours.

I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with being about 5 weeks pregnant or not. But the boyfriend has been placed on Feeding Duty. It is now more his responsibility than mine to be sure I eat when I need to eat, with a special emphasis on packing my lunch. (I am notorious for not eating all day because I didn’t bring a lunch, and then being a wreck at the end of it.) There are plans for me carrying a freezer bag of chopped raw veggies to work every day, as well as a couple hard boiled eggs, and discussions have begun about making oat cakes from scratch on a regular basis for snacks as well. And I am taking vitamins. All. Day. Long. (Or so it seems – my multivitamin is not a one-a-day, but a five-a-day.)

I finally got a call back from local midwives. Interviews are being scheduled.

But the real thing on my mind is:

What to knit?!?!?


arianna said...

Oh god I WISH I had your problem...I feel like I have SO many knitting projects hanging over my head, and no idea which to begin with, so I'm working on like 8 at a time. Oy. Anyway, why aren't you getting started on baby clothes?!? :)

I am glad to hear you're taking care of your body & that you & Boyfriend are making sure you get proper nutrition. I think that is a great start!

Carrie K said...

Knit one of the Drops patterns.

And eat! Every couple of hours if you need too. It sounds like it's just your metabolism generally but ramped up a bit. It's not as if you're eating humongous bowls of ice cream followed by a package of potato chips.

Christine said...

Totally true. I have nixed the hot cocoa I usually have at work, so I am actually taking in less sugar.