Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Thursday - Mock Cable Baby Cardigan

I've got this idea (since I have so many vintage patterns - and use them) of having one day a week dedicated to something vintage. I have randomly selected Thursday.

Knitting Vintage for V.

I got a whole slew of knitting magazines from my grandma that ranged from 1944 to the mid-1980's. Some of them are interesting just to see the amazing fashion differences between then and now (like anything from 1975. Really. What were they thinking?), but my favorites are the baby patterns from when my dad and his siblings were little. I have about five of them, and this is one of them:

It's got a good variety of patterns, as you can see below (click to enlarge):

I particularly liked this Mock Cable Baby Cardigan. It calls for a worsted weight yarn, and comes with a matching bonnet and blanket, but I skipped those.

I used some burgundy Encore I had left over from the Nursing Sweater I made Sibling #5. I had left over buttons to match, too.

V. seemed to like it.


Jeanette said...

It looks great! Was it hard to follow the pattern?

Barbara said...

grazie Janette, molto bello il cardigan.
E' possibile avere il pattern della Columbia Minerva Mock Cable baby Cardigan?
Te lo chiedo per mio uso personale, in cambio posso inviarti dei pattern che ho io.
Ti ringrazio se mi risponderai.

Janette thanks, the much beautiful cardigan.
It is possible to have the pattern of Columbia Minerva Mock Cable baby Cardigan?
I ask to you for my personal use, in exchange I can send to you of the pattern that I have.
I ringrazio to you if you will answer to me.

Barbara said...

ciao Janette, non ce l'ho il pattern, mi chiedevo se potevi gentilmente inviarmelo

hello Janette,
I don't have the pattern , I asked myself if you could kindly send it to me
Thanks a lot for your response


Praxis said...

Hello Barbara-

Jeanette is just a commenter, like you. I am the one who has the pattern. I am fairly certain it is out of copyright, but I need to verify that first. Then I'll let you know if I can send you a copy. :)


Anonymous said...

Praxis, if there is any chance of getting that gorgeous pattern, I'd love to have it.

I would like to make it twice - one for my friend's great granddaughter and one for charity.

Thank you for sharing so much!

BTW, I would do one for charity first - because if I take too long a child can still wear it.

Praxis said...

This booklet was published in 1970, which means it is still protected by copyright law, so I unfortunately cannot give out copies of this pattern. However, I did see several copies available on Amazon for a reasonable price. This is an excellent booklet and you wouldn't regret adding it to your bookshelves.