Monday, January 30, 2012

Cups and mugs

I made several mugs and cups beyond the sake cup from yesterday, but I only kept a few. I gave most of them away.

The mug you see here was an early attempt; it's very heavy, both in weight and in glaze.
This tea cup is purposefully handle free, and had its rim dipped in a glaze called "waterfall". I rather like the effect. I use this mug almost daily. It was a precursor to the porcelain, done in Danish Plain. I made another one that looks much like it in porcelain that I gave away.
The inside of the tea cup.

Top of my best "form". The glaze on this mug was an utter failure. But as my last thrown mug, it's shape was far better than the others. It's not too heavy and the walls are fairly consistent in thickness.
Here you can see the horrible glazing. I went from being too heavy-handed with my glazing to being far too light. It would have been a great mug otherwise.
Here you see the bottom. Notice the nice shaping at the bottom of the handle?
Another handle free tea cup.It's much heavier than the one above.Still very usable, as you can see.

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Jeanette said...

I know nothing about pottery, but if a mug isn't thrown how is it created? Do you use a mold? Is it sculpted? Something else entirely?