Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saving a buck

I've been thinking a lot lately about extreme frugality, and this thinking has driven some of my projects. It's debatable whether it's really worthwhile to mend a piece of kid's clothing that could probably be obtained from the thrift store for $1, but that's what I've done. V. has worn a hole in the knee of a pair of brown leggings she wears frequently. I decided to patch it. This grand idea was partially inspired by the butterfly pants I recently fixed up for her, and partly by the heart-shaped pocket on shirt that I just put in the "recycle" pile because it's outgrown. That heart would make a perfect patch. However, being stark white, it would look dingy in no time at all, so I decided to embellish it since I am on an embroidering kick.
I lightly inked in a design to embroider
Main embroidery finished
Blanket stitched onto the leggings.
V. chose the color of the flowers from my box of embroidery thread. I made the bow holding the bouquet of flowers brown (and the blanket stitching) to tie-in the design to the color of the leggings.
I have yet to try them on V., but I think they will be cute on her, especially with a lavender or purple top.

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