Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is very peculiar

That is today's understatement.

Yesterday, I:
  • got dressed only for the sake of not freaking out people at the grocery store;
  • realized I've caught something like the flu;
  • slept;
  • slept;
  • slept;
  • ate a bowl of rice in veggie bouillon;
  • drank a cup of green tea and a cup of orange juice, as well as a lot of mineral water;
  • ate a little sushi;
  • laid in the dark on the phone a lot.
Well, the recipient of the beanie liked it, but he did not tell me. He told everyone we knew. I don't know how to take that, and I don't really care, actually.  It was only a couple hours of work, which is nothing compared to what I am about to experience with my grandpa's sweater. 

It is already too small. And the gauge is too tight. Which means that although I have knit the back down to the bottom of the armholes and started the front, I need to start over. 

OK. Deep breath. I can do it, yesindeedy. Just as soon as I have enough energy to bother to brush my hair.


Carrie K said...

Yes, you can do it. When you feel better. Bummer that it's too small though.

Weird about the beanie. He couldn't tell you?

Lissy said...

Sorry you are not feeling well and sorry about Grandpa's sweater. Glad you are past the ungrateful beanie recipient and onto better things.