Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My decadent holiday

New Year's Eve, I:
  • ate half a bean and rice burrito with a tamarind soda in the Castro;
  • ate a lot of vegan finger food involving toast and garbanzo beans at a party;
  • consumed a considerable quantity of baby carrots at aforementioned party;
  • and some excellent "rum balls", whatever they were;
  • drank about two vodka tonics, and some rum/ fruit juice Puerto Rican cocktail;
  • wore a feather in my hair.
New Year's Day, I:
  • ate curly fries in a 24 hour diner in SF at around 4 AM;
  • spent an hour and a half in the Mission waiting for the BART to open;
  • froze my ass off;
  • found out it would be two more hours before BART would open;
  • took a cab home;
  • slept;
  • had massive amounts of Thai hangover food. Yum.
Yesterday, I:
  • had a bowl of oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast;
  • ate some vegetarian pot stickers, steamed buns, and green onion pancakes at a Japanese tea house in Berkeley;
  • shared a bread pudding at a chi chi restaurant;
  • ate half a pomegranate that I got from my grandpa's tree;
  • had fried rice and, umm, canned roasted eel with green olives;
  • drank two vodka tonics and two cranberry tonics;
  • ate a piece of bread and went to bed.
Come to think of it, not much about my habits has really changed...

I did a quick swatch of my grandpa's yarn. He doesn't know the breed of the sheep, just that it's some kind of Scottish animal known for fine soft wool. He says if I show him pictures of Scottish sheep he could pinpoint it. I don't know if it will come down to that.
It really is soft wool. I washed but didn't block the swatch. The cables I worked were nothing fancy or final - just half of a Saxon Braid and a lame left twist cable. I'm just trying to determine a general gauge. US #4 needles feel just about right so far.

Soon, I will have photos of some fingerless gloves.


Jeanette said...

You think you froze your ass off? It was like 7 degrees yesterday and this morning was 6 degrees.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful yarn! The Aran jumper pattern will look wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

Molly (from Aranlist)

Carrie K said...

Don't listen to Jeanette. It's freezing here! We're having the Storm of the Century!

That yarn is gorgeous. Do you actually know the sheep?

Lissy said...

I love the sweater and yarn. I would NOT want to be your tummy right now! Rather than take grandpa from field to field looking at sheep, it might be less low maint. to plop him in front of a computer and do a google image search. That might be fun for him to see technology at work, bringing the world of sheep to him!