Friday, May 30, 2008

Still not dead

Despite the evidence to the contrary. Really. I am still on this earth.

I have been busy, busy, busy! But no photos for you just yet. I am packing to move again - this time only a couple of blocks - into my first apartment.

Technically, I've had apartments before, but this one I will be flying solo with in areas not just in the financial strata. This is my own. I can decorate in extremely bad taste if I want; I can leave the dishes in the sink overnight without fearing repercussions of the chiding kind the next day; I can, glory be! walk around naked and hog the fridge and bathroom. (Although, possibly not at the same time...?)

To celebrate, I am going vegan again!

Yes! I am a wildwoman.


Carrie K said...

Still? Fabulous!

Jeanette said...

Forget moving again, I can't beleive that you are blogging again!
Have fun changing to vegan, I still can't fathom giving up cheese, do you have Native Foods up there? I stopped in one in Orange County and the food was pretty good, so try it if you have it.

arianna said...

yay, congrats! i hope you have a blast having the place all to yourself. and hell, figure out a way to hog both bathroom & fridge at the same time, and let us know - i'm intrigued, haha!

my question for you is: what have you been knitting??? oh, wait - i'll go find you on Ravelry. d'oh.

Lissy said...

Congratulations! Not so much in your honor, but just as a coincidence, I'm sitting her nekkid reading and commenting on your blog and offending no one but your readers because my apartment is mine, all mine! I surely can relate to your joy, and I'm very happy for you. Now go eat some fake cheese to hopefully distract you from the image of me commenting on your blog with no knickers on. ;P

Christine said...

Don't worry, Lissy - when you say "knickers" I get an image of you sittign in your apartment in ruffle-butted knickers, not sans tham. :P