Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Incubating

As far as I know, that is... I'm back at that limbo zone where I am not late or feeling funny (or perhaps, funnier than usual) where it's impossible to tell either way.

Yesterday, I:
  • had two eggs scrambled with mushrooms with buttered toast and coffee for breakfast - almost! (I had the boyfriend eat half of it after he finished his. He is garbage disposal.);
  • drank coffee with it;
  • had coffee at work, and an apple for lunch, along with some chips and some oatmeal cookies I made Sunday as a mood enhancer for the boyfriend;
  • had a scrambled egg sandwich with avocado and sprouts on toasted bread for dinner;
  • and a chocolate Pocky;
  • cleaned my guest room.

Today, I:

  • had one scrambled egg with toast for breakfast (boyfriend prepared this time), along with coffee;
  • missed my subway stop! (And I wasn't even asleep!);
  • had an apple and some pre-Halloween candy for lunch, along with my second in-office coffee;
  • just discovered an oatmeal cookie I overlooked yesterday, which I am about to decimate!

(Note to self: Pack lunch, damn you!)


Jeanette said...

Packing lunch is very helpful. Those oatmeal cookies sound good though!

Carrie K said...

And did you pack a lunch?