Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Feed me!

Yesterday, I:

  • had two eggs with two pieces of buttered toast, made by my boyfriend;
  • didn’t bring lunch, so I had two granola bars and some Filipino candy from the receptionists instead;
  • drank some hot cocoa;
  • had some herbal tea;
  • was starving by the time I got home, so I ended up eating a big bowl of soup with four pieces of toast;
  • nearly fell asleep right afterwards;
  • ate a soy ice cream sandwich;
  • chugged some milk;
  • fell asleep at 8:30;
  • got a call from my boyfriend, who had been passed by by the bus he was supposed to take;
  • went back to sleep when he got on the next one;
  • dreamt of Patrick Dempsey.

Today, I:

  • made myself two eggs (scrambled with cheese) and buttered toast for breakfast, and coffee;
  • didn't pack a lunch;
  • felt hungry by 9:04 am;
  • feel like an idiot about it.

Plan B

Seems to be working so far. The boyfriend is now enrolled in school and taking classes, vacuuming my couch, making my bed... as those manly duties, hehe. Thank goodness he is a neat freak who cooks! (Now if I can only get him to pack me a lunch every day...)


I sprained the sucker, which is totally unfair. I didn't see a curb, and the rest is history. On the positive side, I now have a bike again, because without one I wouldn't be able to make it to work.

Hungry, Tired, Sore Breasts

And, oh yeah. My breasts have been crazy sore for about a week now. The fatigue I was feeling from sleeping in a bed with someone after months of having a nice peaceful bed to myself hasn't gone away. I was discounting it until last night, when I practically went to bed a 7pm, got some sound sleep - and still, even now, feel tired, even though I woke up before the alarm as if I'd had enough. I'm constantly getting up in the wee hours to... wee. And I'm starving all the time now. Just starving. I was dying for some buttered toast last night. Read into all of this what you will. I am. But I may be wrong. I could just be weird.


Carrie K said...

Or pregnant.

Patrick Dempsey? Sheesh.

wenders said...

Interesting...history will decide!

Christine said...

OMG, history. My dad had five kids, my mom six. And two were after she reversed her tubal ligation. It took her two months to get pregnant because her husband had a low sperm count.