Friday, January 25, 2013

Stovetop bread

I'm finding myself in the unusual position lately of not having a functional oven, and having no realistic hope in sight of it ever being repaired. This is a real shame, because I like to bake.

So this morning I experimented with making stove top bread. Yesterday, I started a batch of yeast dough, and let it sit overnight. To say it rose in this sub-freezing weather in this inadequately heated old leviathan of a house would be an exaggeration. It moved a bit, like it wanted to rise, (this yeast is fresh!) but it was really just too cold. Next time, I'm going to have to strategize a bit about where it can sit that is a bit warm... where ever that is!
I made the pieces of dough into palm-sized patties and fried them in butter. Which was my second mistake, other than the rising issue, because they turned out too thick. Next time I'm rolling them out.

At least there was good pan that didn't stick!
Not that V. minded. She was more than prepared to eat the dough as it was, and even ate some of the finished product, provided it was slathered in apple butter. However, I think this little kitchen helper will be much more pleased with the next batch.
"Yum! Tastes just like unsalted play dough!"

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