Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage sewing

I received a surprise package in the mail today from my paternal grandmother, who has been following my crafting antics, mostly on Facebook. (Yes, like millions, I am on Facebook. I find it is the fastest and most efficient way to disseminate information to family about V., so they can have practically daily updates about HER three year old antics, plus photos.) The bulk of the package was these two throw pillows, which had a note on top of them stating that they were made by my mother for my aunt Mary. This particular aunt was the baby of the family, so she was still in school when my parents married. 
My mom made these for my aunt in the 70's
Lots of trims!
The rest of the package was composed of trimmings (lace, bias tape, rick rack, etc.), appliques and do-dads. There is quite a variety and I'm sure I'll find a use for it all.

And some cute appliques
Can't you just picture a toddler dress with some bees on it?

And while we're looking at these appliques, check out that black patch with the embroidered flower on it. I've got a blurry close-up photo of it below for your edification. That white thing in the photo, on the left? That's my thumb. This is some seriously tiny embroidery.

Blurry close-up.
 I had to take a look at the back of the patch to confirm it was real embroidery, it's so minuscule. And indeed it is, because it has a fabric backing on it. I've seen this before on other needlework. I'm guessing it's to help keep the ends of the threads in place. (A similar effect can be seen a lot of modern, store-bought children's clothing that have appliques or embroidery - on the inside a piece of interfacing is adhered over the area that was decorated.)

Back of patch

I especially liked the patterned bias tape, and this teeny weeny basket. It could fit on my pinkie!

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arianna said...

Ah! I had always noticed those backings on embroidered clothes & never really thought too closely about what they were there for. Thank you for the edification!

I am looking forward to seeing all of the fun things you'll do with all the new materials! :)