Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Is it just me (I am Californian), or it it really, really cold outside? Like, I've stayed inside for two weeks cold. When I do go outside, it reminds me of the first time I visited Boston and it was minus something degrees and I had to put aloe vera on my face for days because I got wind burn the first night while we were walking down the street looking for a place to have dinner. So cold, I must have been really motivated to move there, because frankly I walk around the house like a sherpa during the winter. If sherpas wore garden clogs with hand knit socks and three sweaters.

Seriously, drastic measures are required. Such as mittens. The mitten mill is open for business.

Who doesn't like owls? I certainly do. I made two pairs of owl mittens: one brown, one pink. I sold the pink ones, but the brown ones are in my etsy shop, along with several of the others I'll talk about below.

After the owls, I made some simpler mittens.
It kind of hurts so good to look at these uneven stripe mittens. I love contrasting aqua and red, even when it's fire engine red and a glance gives me tracers. I'm going to make a second pair of these. I can't help myself.

I then got it into my head to make myself some mittens using a recycled sweater.
Contrasted against my new funky apron
On a whim, I added felt birds. I liked the effect and got so many compliments on it that I then knit up some purple mittens and slapped some birds on them.

 But why stop there? I have a fair amount of felt, and I still had some sweater left. So I made these.
Sadistic? Perhaps. But funny.
And then these. Because I seem to work in twos.

And that's where I am currently at in my war against the cold. At least as far as hands are concerned.

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