Friday, January 17, 2014

Mossy doll

This doll is the result of the confluence of crafting supplies. I made the body a while back, and embroidered the face, and then set it aside to mature as a UFO for about six months, as one does.
Nekkid as the day she was sewn
I have been trying to motivate myself to be more productive in doll making, so I dug her out last week and muddled over what hair would suit her. This hand-me-down mohair was the winner, since everything else I had would have required me to re-embroider the eyes, which is tedious to say the least. Everything else dominoed from there. The mossy green paisley fabric suited the hair and eyes, so it became a dress.
Before the hair "grew"
There's a "lace" detail at the neck and around the sleeves that seemed to coordinate well with the dress. The dress was a tremendous pain, actually, because my serger broke, and I decided in a moment of madness that I couldn't have raw edges. AT ALL. So the dress from the bodice up and in the sleeves is reversible. The skirt portion is one piece of fabric that I fastidiously hemmed and... my sewign terminology is failing me, but I did that thing you do on edges where you put down a strip of fabric, like hem facing. I did that, whatever it is. The results were not half bad.
I had some leftover Noro Sock that I knit into tights for the doll. The feet have touches of light pink in the green, so I pulled out some of my vintage pink wool fingering weight yarn and crocheted a cardigan. The edging and blanket stitch detailing are with the hot fuchsia yarn I used in the gray and pink reproduction Shetland tam. (One ball of fingering weight yarn - for good or bad - lasts forever. Or maybe it just feels like it?)

I also knit a tie-on bandana from the leftover Noro Sock. It sufficiently tamed the massive hair, which is actually one of the assets of the doll. It is finger-combing good!

Shoes also happened, but I'm not overly thrilled with them. I swear I remade them about five times. I have it in my head that I should make some baby booties out of repurposed sweaters, since that is such a plentiful resource to me, but trying to piece together these doll shoes was a bit of a reality check. Or perhaps a technique check. I like to just jump right into a project without much planning, but that isn't the best strategy with feet coverings. Or whole sweaters. Hey! I'm learning. 

And speaking of which, my funky sweater is done, and it is perfect! Although it is hybrid of Rowan and vintage fabulosity, I think it still qualifies as a vintage project. I have a skirt that kind of goes with it (I know - it boggles my mind, too, how that can happen.) that I need to touch up and have a photo session with, and then you will witness it in all it's glory.

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