Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plan B

Today, I:
  • had a couple sips of coffee before leaving for work;
  • ate melted cheese on toast for breakfast;
  • am drinking yet more coffee at work;
  • am trying to strategize Plan B.

Plan B is not a new plan, it is simply a plan that didn't get as much air time as Plan A. A very interesting weekend passed, ending (in a way) with my boyfriend calling me yesterday after work. Plan A (trucking school) was scrapped in favor of Plan B, him leaving trucking. He is probably as I type this packing his stuff to come to California.

Sudden? Well, I made the offer about four months ago. And three months ago. And the other week. So, yes, as far as a turnabout is concerned, it's sudden, but the offer has been longstanding, so this is not something totally out of left field.

This should be interesting. I need to clean everything. I have seriously been letting things go around the apartment, and now I have to seriously pick it all up. Time to finally plug in that new vacuum, scrub the bathtub, and clean the freezer. Time to make space in the medicine cabinet and thank goodness he can't carry furniture on a bus.

So. What is going to happen?

I will most likely be at my current job for a while longer, despite the tendinitis. I will save up for those doula classes I was thinking about (instead of saving for trucking classes) and concentrate once again on writing and art as a means out of the office, as well. I am also formulating plans to exploit the aforementioned boyfriend as a model for painting. Hehe.

Wish us luck!


Jeanette said...

Good Luck with Plan B. I think it sounds like a pretty workable plan.

arianna said...

SO glad to hear everything is okay! And good luck with whatever you do end up doing, although I get the impression you tend to land on your feet no matter what, and I think that you will be all set, whatever happens. I hope you two have a lovely time making a home together. :)

Carrie K said...

Good luck! At least with Plan B you can keep the cats. :)