Thursday, September 05, 2013

Savage ends!

I'm making progress on the "Cross Country" sweater for V., although I'm starting to think I need more needles. That's always the refrain, isn't it? I need more. More yarn, more magazines, more books, more needles. But I do. The collar is supposed to be done using a circular US #2, something which I (lap knitter) would be very surprised to possess. I do have some circulars, but they are #0's, I think, because the thought of trying lace on multiple dpns made me want to cry.

I think I'll block it somewhat while it's in this flattened state
I have the arms on the body and the shoulders joined, as you see above. I tried it on the kid and it all seems fine. V. is a lean 4 yr. old, and any of you familiar with slip stitch patterns (such as this one) know that there is a LOT of give in the fabric.

What she is going to wear with it, I don't know. I've really only begun her winter wardrobe for this year. I have some stuff I've found at thrift stores and such that I'm rather proud of, but nothing that is basic like a pair of jeans:
This $2 thriftstore sweater is hand made in Ireland! With SHEEP!
The inside of "Cross Country" is giving me pause:

Not actually savaged, just not woven in. :(
I need to find my crochet hooks and address it at some point. That point is NOT today. I may, in fact, finish the Funky Sweater first. But this sweater will be cute in the end. I've laid it out so that you can imagine it better:
Imagine all those ends gone. I know I'm trying to.

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