Friday, September 20, 2013

Sky dress

I'm circumventing the issue of the smartphone being my only internet access during this period of quasi-temporary lack of full internet privileges by going through the drafts I've saved here that have photos and amazingly enough, finishing them. You see, I don't know if I can upload photos here from this phone yet.
It's a lot harder than it sounds, so please forgive any irregularities and just think of this as that charmingly quirky time when I was forced to basically phone it in, but not with the negative connotations that phrase has... It feels a bit like blogging by telegraph. (If the smartphone breaks, you'll know because those little puffs on the horizon? Those are my smoke signals.)
So, the blue tie-dye shirt pictured above? I found that on the sidewalk while out walking the kid. Naturally, I washed it and cut it up to make a dress for her.
Then of course I hand embellished it with crocheted edging. I used the smallest crochet thread generally available (30?) but then I happened to be at the closing clearance sale of my old beloved LYS Windsor Button in downtown Boston (the many references I have made on this blog to it I would reference with a link if I were actually able) and discovered some crochet thread so tiny, Victorians would consider it satisfactory. I didn't use it on her dress, but next time... next time.
In these photos V. is kindly modeling the dress for me so that I can check its progress. I have some cute pictures of her in it while we were out walking since she does really wear the dress. I'll post them post-smartphone and link them back to this page, etc.
Closer view. I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I even used interfacing in the button placket! (Feel free to reel from shock.) However, I am looking forward to the day when I can afford not only a sewing machine that does freearm zigzagging, but buttonholes.

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