Monday, November 25, 2013

Fingerless mittens time!

A while back I made a couple pairs of fingerless mittens. These first pair, made out of a bulky cashmere blend yarn, are simple and fold back to create an extra layer of warmth. I knit them for a Welsh woman who was visiting, and they seemed like just the thing for the cold, damp winters in Wales. Or so I have heard, never having been to Wales myself. But I imagine, in my extremely fecund (and wistful) imagination, that it is much like coastal Northern California, except colder and tremendously more Welsh. 
There is no left or right, only thinking makes it so.
Lest you doubt the seriousness of these mitts, witness them on my hand.

Granted, I am petite.
The second pair of gloves were purely for sale. They're in my etsy shop. I'd had the yarn forever (Grab bag or gift? Can't recall, but I love me a good grab bag.)

See that white Corelle mug? I confess, I generally commit serial monogamy with my coffee mugs. Before this one was a hand made mug that cost me $15 at the local farmers market, and we were going along quite well until V. broke it. So it goes. I still have the above Corelle mug, but I put it away once I saw the green mug (second photo down in linked page) in the thrift store. I know - spurned over a $1.91 used mug! But frankly, I found the Corelle mug in a free box on the curb, and it was dirty, so really it should just get over itself and be glad it's in a cupboard.

And frankly, even the green mug doesn't compare to just my memory of the yellow mug.
They fit small women hands. Because I am a small woman.
A matched pair. Way easier than with striped socks.
I have an idea for some funky fingerless glove/mittens ideas, which will be coming up soon.

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