Friday, September 01, 2006

Confessions of a Secret Pal

Two business days from now the woman I have been sending stuff to anonymously through Secret Pal 8 will know my identity beyond a doubt, and then she will know what kind of Secret pal I really am.

That's right: she will know that her second package was delayed because I ate her chocolate, and that the third was delayed because I couldn't a find a box. She will also know that I was knitting her socks from Cherry Hill Tree yarn and realize that there are no socks by that description in her final package (which I also sent late.)

I have an excuse, really I do. It isn't that I intended to keep them for myself; I haven't even finished them. It was getting down to the wire and my enthusiasm for all things fiber was at a near all-time low. I had to make a decision: finish one sock (which was riddled with unacceptable mistakes I'm trying to ignore) and send it with a Second Sock I.O.U., or give my Secret Pal some equivalent yarn to make her own socks. She seemed to be on sock-knitting kick, so I went the way of laziness: I doled out the cash for sock yarn and then tucked the half-knit socks into a basket, out of sight. Understandable, right? Perhaps not a complete cop-out...?

I am a bad receivee, too. I have the secret password to reveal my Secret Pal's identity and haven't used it. I also haven't taken pictures of what she sent me in the final package. I WILL. Really. As soon as I get off my butt and clear my memory card. But in the meantime, for those of you who don't already know, here's a clue, courtesy of Arianna's cell phone:


Carrie K said...

So far I've managed to complete - and on time! (this is more amazing if you actually know me) - two Swaps that both the recipients at least profess to love.

But deadlines paralyze me.

And chocolate is supposed to be eaten in a certain time frame, or shipped harmlessly elsewhere to be be eaten in a certain time frame.

(Time frame - length of time it takes to rip off the wrapper after purchase)

Titine24 said...

Do I see a knitting belt on thy midriff? Is that the clue? Did I miss the boat on what I was supposed to be seeing?

I like your curls - the previous drastic cut seems to have softened into a flattering do.

Lissy said...

That picture just slays me. That belt doohickey is beyond clever. I hope you are doing what is necessary to get your secret pal nominated for a great honor (sainthood?). :)