Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kitchen Knitting

As you can see, I've been knitting away at the kitchen cotton. This is my Too Big Tea Cosy. It makes a good hat, or even a cat dress, but it's nowhere near the size of my teapot. The pattern is nice, though.

And below you see the kitchen towel I knit Sunday to hang on my refrigerator door. It's a very quick knit.

But don't let the photo deceive you - this towel is sizable.


Jeanette said...

Pictures! You have pictures! `

Knittymama said...

You just need a really big teapot!

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine! I really love your teacozy. Maybe you can find a larger teapot! I am your Secret Knitters Tea Swap 2 Pal. You'll be drinking alot of tea in the future. Hope you day goes well. I'll be contacting you via email soon.