Monday, August 09, 2010

Interminable Garter Stitch

A surreal landscape?
A leftover from a bad night out drinking?
Actually, it's neither.
It's my current WIP.
I am trying to remain faithful to it - it's a trend I've been trying to go with lately. That, and not buying more yarn. This was the last yarn I bought, about two months ago when I started this project.
(Last new yarn, because - of course! - yarn from yard sales and thrift stores and the like don't count on a yarn diet!)
( they?)
I started this project thinking it would be easy and relaxing. The simple brilliance of the pattern lured me in. That and the variegated silk blend yarn I'm using. But let me tell you. Should you for even a moment contemplate knitting this design - or something like it - I have a warning for you that you best heed before you stockpile or segregate the yarn:

This project - it never ends. Never ever. You will be knitting garter stitch, and knitting garter stitch, and knitting garter stitch. And knitting some garter stitch some more. Really. I say this as someone who is anticipating with pleasure doing something in 10s = 1" gauge really, really soon. (Say, as a reward for finishing this project. When I am about 84.) I look forward to this project with dread in my heart. I have almost begun a crocheted afghan merely to avoid it, based on the principle that I'm not defying my attempt at knitting monogamy if it's not knitting.

Seriously - this may drive me to tatting.

Thank goodness I'm at least using quality yarn for this project. Could you imagine how much more it would hurt if I'd cast on with something like Red Heart?


Jeanette said...

What are you making with that Noro goodness?

Jeanette said...

Oops, missed the link, ignore my question!