Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wholey Expected Scarf Hiatus

I have been away from the hooded garter stitch scarf - hopefully (or not?) for the moment - to work on... more garter stitch. But of a more tolerable nature.
This is the cashmere sweater in a state of being recycled. The winter accessories I knit V have been so successful that I got the idea of trying to take them a step or so further. Cashmere is a natural step up for almost any pattern, of course. But I'm talking structurally. The main flaw in the hat and scarf I made V. is that they are a hat and scarf, rather than a hat/scarf. That is, it would be better if the scarf was attached. I suppose I could just make the toasty topper from knitty, but I like how the scarf I made tucks rather than ties. Plus, I've been planning a bunny hat for some time now, and this is finally my chance. Yes, that's right! This is going to be a tied-on bunny hat. A simple one.

But it won't be all garter stitch.

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