Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A while back I posted about a pattern I had come up with that was giving me some trouble. Well, here's the hat in question:Looks innocuous enough, doesn't it? Well, this hat has given me many a headache. Mind you, it wasn't the knitting of it that gave me the problem. It was writing it up. It's worked in the round. Notice that jog at the beginning of a new row where the colors change? No? Good. You're not supposed to, thanks to a little fiddling that is almost impossible for me at the moment to write up coherently. But I do like how the hat turned out.
I especially like the crown decreasing. That was the hardest part of this design - finding a crown decreasing that looked right to me. I didn't want to just go with a solid color or something - I thought that might be a bit of a cop out. As would modifying the look of the pattern by the decreases. I wanted it to look like the pattern was absolutely continuous, except for the ridges of teal that run between the paired decreases.Here I am in the hat.

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