Thursday, August 24, 2006


I really should stop reading so much from the internet. It's educational, but it's also aggravating.

Today I:
  • am reminded that some men are misogynistic, even if they don't call it that;
  • am reminded by that that I do most of the housework at home, even though I support us both, which annoys me to no end because the boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot says he doesn't want me to do all the cleaning, therefore I should just stop cleaning and we'll be equal in squalor together (This is so not happening. And it's not like I'm a neat freak. I'm a slob. So that gives you some idea of what his standards are.);
  • encountered a book someone is writing that villainizes my philosophical system (People disagreeing with, and having viewpoints completely opposite of mine, I am used to. Direct attacks, however, by people who more than likely have no idea what they're talking about aggravates the hell out of me. And no, I'm not a Scientologist.);

All of which not only makes me angry at men, generally and specifically, but it also makes me feel at odds with the world. Which just aggravates me more, because it's not how I want to feel. And it's not really true. For the most part I am aligned with the world. I eat, I sleep, I want to be happy, I cry at sad endings, I want to feel useful. Other human beings and I have a lot in common. I despise feeling like I am some kind of social pariah, esp. since not only am I right (hehe), I am also minding my own damn business.


As for the misandry, if he rememebered to make the bed before going to school so that the inspectiors don't know the color and state of our sheets, I'll get over it.

Now back to my trecherous tea-sipping and blueprint correcting.


Jeanette said...

What exactly have you been reading on the internet?

Christine said...

Thisand this.

Carrie K said...

Cool. Two more blogs to read.

Well, it's true. Women are SPOILED! Or want to have their own money/autonomy/life thereby weakening if not outright destroying the fabric of life.

Which is possibly why I'm divorced. And more than once.

So. It was the anarchists doing bad things that got to you?