Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am remiss in my blogging. I know, I know. I am terrible.

I'm thinking and reading and writing, but not writing blog entries. I think this is partly due to my lack of knitting progress lately. I am really swamped.

I am swamped in more than knitting, actually. I can't seem to buy a box to mail swaps in, for one thing, so the stuff is sitting around, making me feel guilty. It's really very frustrating, because I LIVE ON THE SAME BLOCK AS THE POST OFFICE. Only, it opens at 8 am, and closes at 6 pm. If I am super fast and organized in the morning and there aren't already five people waiting outside the door I can stop in on my way to work without being late. (If you consider my utter lack of organization lately and the population density of my neighborhood you will understand why I still don't have mailing boxes.) If I am super fast and organized in the evening I can get back home by 5:55 pm and maybe stop by then, assuming there isn't a ginormous line.

It's a seemingly endless cycle. I may have to take a day off or something just to do this. (What about my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot? you wonder. Couldn't he run this errand for me? Well, what about him? I asked him to do it two weeks ago since he is within 5 mins walking time from the post office virtually 24/7, and look where it's gotten me.)

So, swamped.

I don't suppose you have any boxes, do you? And maybe a barrel of monkeys who knit?


Titine24 said...

Hello from a fellow swampee!!

With my 3 little ones all on vacation, (one on year-round vacation because he is only 3) I cannot conveniently leave the house,even. I do think, though, that the Post Office _gives_ away boxes (the red white and blue ones) so you have packaging that does not break on them,and is standard for addresses so they don't have to hunt. Perhaps your POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters)could be inviegled into bringing a pre-packed box to the Post office?

Carrie K said...

I'm a block away from the Post Office at work and it's still hard for me to get there. I have this thing about mailing. I can never do it on time.

Swamped is good, unless it cuts into your knitting/sewing/reading time.

Lissy said...

Dude, if you send it by priority mail, the box is free. Also, the True Value on Salem Street probably sells boxes. Also, on Salem street diagonally across from Bova's, there is a mailing shop. I don't know what their hours are. If the items aren't breakable, I could bring you a tyvek envelope, though you still need to get to the post off to mail them, so I doubt this will be of any help to you. Just tell your employers you have a doctor's appointment or something and go to the post office. You're not an indentured slave. I can't see them giving you the sack for that.

Jeanette said...

How big of a box do you need? I may have something, if not, I can run next door to my office and pick up a priority mail box for you. That could also provide me with the excuse I have been waiting for to send my Aunt the baby blanket (the baby is a month old now)