Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Warning! This Blog Will Self-Destruct in 45 Days

I'm feeling a little cynical and tired today. In fact, I just nearly deleted the blog on purpose.

I've been making an effort to simplify my life, to purge unneeded or unwanted things. This involves considering what I do with my time and what I'd rather be doing with it. I'm not so badly off in this department: I get my way in a lot of things. I don't have a mortgage to pay, kids to take to soccer practice, strange obligations that consume most of my time. What I do have is a job I don't like and many distractions that deplete my energy.

I am usually too tired when I get home to write, or even think about it. Yet I want to be a writer. It's a a vicious cycle that has to end or I won't get anywhere. I have tons of free or stolen time at work when I could be writing, but instead I am blogging or reading blogs. My energy should be focused on things that I not only enjoy but get me somewhere, not things that give me ideas for more distractions from what I should be doing with my life.

Does this make any sense?

So, consider yourself on notice. I need to keep the blog around long enough to take care of a couple obligations, but after that, it's history. No more blog. It will go up in virtual smoke. When will this happen? Well, I like a nice, tidy date: 10-01-06

Edit: If you'd like to stay updated on my fiction writing, email me.


Carrie K said...

It makes sense, but blogging and reading blogs is pretty voluntary, albeit a huge time suck. Like knitting. But maybe if you free up the time by deleting the blog, you'll write. You can always start another blog.

You will email me your stories though, right?

Jeanette said...

Good luck with your simplification process. A suggestion though, instead of deleting the blog why not keep it up but not post. You don't have any obligation to post, and since you have warned everyone that you won't be blogging no one will expect it of you. You can just use your blog to post fo photos and to post your creative writing.

Zee said...

Aww... :(

Well, if you're going to write, I promise to buy!! And in that case, it won't be so bad to see you leave.

What Jeanette said makes a lot of sense, too. *wink*

Please continue emailing me. I'd love to keep in touch with you and your stories. :)

Much love,


bitterknitter said...

Will there be an explosion? Or will it quietly slip away?

arianna said...

i have to admit i'm very disappointed to hear it. you were one of my favorites. but at the same time, i know the feeling. i like that i feel like i can work on my writing while blogging (ostensibly; but, do i ever? ack), but i do know what you mean about wanting to focus more solidly on writing. i think i use blogging often as an avoidance tool. sigh. you will have to tell us how life changes for you sans blog -- i'm so glad i get to see you at SNB so that at least i can continue to hear about your goings-on there! :)

Anonymous said...

(insert pout here)
I'd like to read the writings too.

I'll be sending out your last SP8 package this weekend, along with clues to find out who I am :)

SP8 pal

Lissy said...

Insert tantrum here. I protest!