Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Reading Program - Book Nine

Grunts! by Mary Gentle 464 pgs.

When I was in high school I read Mary Gentle's Ancient Light and it blew my mind. Mary Gentle had managed to create an alien world I could hear, smell, taste, and feel. I went on to read Rats and Gargoyles and The Architecture of Desire. I was not disappointed.

Grunts! is the first book of hers that I've read in a long time, mainly because mainstream bookstores tend not to stock her books very often. It's also the first parody. I wasn't quite certain what to expect, esp. since it allegedly turns the underdog villains into the heroes of the story. She does succeed in doing this. The book is clever and somehow kept me reading despite the gore. I found myself rooting for obviously evil characters (they're not just misunderstood.)

However, Grunts! wasn't so clever that I was smirking to myself or laughing out loud as I do with some authors. It also suffered from something which in hindsight was also present in the other books I read - that is, the plot was not always obvious, leaving the reader to wander a about helplessly for a bit like someone lost in the woods. Nevertheless, I did manage to find my way out. B+


wenders said...

Ahh, Terry Pratchett. I may need to borrow some of his books soon, if you don't mind. :)

Carrie K said...

I've got to quit reading book reviews.

arianna said...

hey! i've been meaning to respond to both of your comments, so here goes:

1. *I* was the one who felt like a dufus when I met you in the prado -- did you notice i was talking a mile a minute? nerves. ugh. i feel so terribly socially awkward at times. you, however, seemed so at ease & friendly. anyway, i am glad we met, as well! :)

2. yes, i had a really good time at SNB the other night! (as you'll see from today's entry.) thank goodness you guys don't bite, THAT would've been a bit creepy. ;) but no i think everyone was fantastic. way more fantastic than me, which is the part where i get all nervous that nobody likes me or wants me to come back. bah. no, i'm not looking for you to respond to that, i'm not digging for compliments or asking for your TRUE thoughts on me, haha -- i just have to screw up the courage to return. i just may be nervous for a few more times, at least... :)