Friday, August 04, 2006

A couple new patterns at large

Today I:

  • had an onion bagel with salmon cream cheese for breakfast
  • have had three cups of tea
  • am eating a burrito
  • got a raise?

So, the new Vogue Knitting is out and I got a copy last night. It wasn't a waste of money, esp. since I knit socks. I considered taking photos before leaving the Cave this morning so that I could post them, but then my laziness got he better of me. No photos for you.

The preview for Rowan #40 is up. I haven't really taken a look at it yet.

I'm feeling very austere on the knitting front lately. That is, I've declared a moratorium on buying yarn for projects that don't already exist on the needles. This has far reaching implications for my budget, and for how often you will hear of me desperately searching through thrift stores for a sweater to frog.

Last night, I:

  • had a bag of chips and a decaf soy latte at the coffeehouse
  • drank the last of the wine (1/4 glass!)
  • watched Brazil
  • experienced astoundingly temperate weather


Jeanette said...

If you can't buy yarn, how will you make the socks?

Lissy said...

Thanks for the tip off about the new Vogue. It never fails. I can stalk the bookstore and the one day I let my guard down, you luck into it! ;P