Friday, August 11, 2006

Summer Reading Program - Book Ten

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris 310 pgs.

This is my favorite speculative fiction series outside of Discworld. (To give you an idea of it, I was up until 2 am last night reading it in the bathroom so as not to disturb my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot, then read it while walking to work and finished it at lunch.) Harris provides a fun read with some very attractive, dangerously supernatural characters. The main character is a telepathic Southern barmaid named Sookie Stackhouse who gets into all kinds of scrapes and seems to be courted by every vampire, shape shifter and werewolf worth a second look. In this one, someone is targeting shape shifters, and possibly Sookie. A- (no sex this time!)

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Titine24 said...

Hewwo -- I can relate to the bathroom reading late into the night. I have to read there because my husband just drops to sleep when his head hits the pillow, and does not require the soothing slide into dreaminess that I do by reading a suspense book. Therefore, considerately to the bathroom I go. I am considering getting a padded seat for the toilet. Author John Buchan's books (classic suspense from the 1930's) had me nearly lose my job because I couldn't stop reading at lunchtime and would straggle in later and later...