Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And so it goes

Yesterday evening, I:

  • ate a piece of milk chocolate from the British Isles;

  • had a gulp of banana/apricot/Russian yogurt/orange juice smoothie;

  • ate leftover bread sticks with sharp cheddar cheese melted on top (new toaster oven!);

  • had about a cup and a half of sauteed chopped spinach with garlic, red onion, and butter;

  • drank some warm Sprite.

I know, I make it sound so glamorous.

Today, I:

  • had half a cup of the fruit smoothie for breakfast before running out the door;

  • ate a plain bagel with cream cheese from a dreaded coffee chain near my work;
  • am drinking Lipton with no sugar or cream;
  • forgot lunch!

Cat Update

So that little tabby I just got? He is very shy, unless you catch him and make him like it. However, he has interesting nocturnal tendencies. For instance, I was lying in bed this weekend - about to pass out- I mean, fall asleep - after getting back from a show in the city - and I felt something at the foot of the bed. Then I felt something on my foot. Then my other foot. I tried to move, but that only encouraged this mysterious entity, this... toe biter. (After a half hour, it stopped.)

Since Jamieson hasn't perpetuated this kind of bedroom behavior in at least five years, I have reason to believe it was the kitten, Simon. This has since been confirmed, because he gets very excited when I am about to lay down for the night. He even goes to far as to walk up my chest and look at me to see if I am moving my hands under the covers. Then I say something, and poof! he is away, because he then remembers I am in the room. And I am so scary! So scary, it takes him about a half hour to come back and do it all over again.


Carrie K said...

You terrifying beast you. Does he drape over your legs? Aw. Kitten.

Has watching your salt intake helped you cut down? Because that list? Is salt heavy. :) How's your hand? Back to it's normal size?

Jeanette said...

So Simon is a toe biter? What fun for you. I guess you could look at it as a good thing, he is starting to be more friendly towards you...