Friday, August 22, 2008

Brace Yourself

I'm having ideas lately. (More on that after the food.)

Yesterday, I:
  • skipped breakfast yet again;
  • did not enjoy it;
  • had a bagel with cream cheese and nutritional yeast for lunch;
  • had a scrambled egg sandwich for dinner, just like I did the day before;
  • did a lot of Internet research.

Today, I:

  • had a fried egg on a whole wheat English muffin for breakfast for breakfast;
  • drank a cup of warm milk with instant coffee in it;
  • made myself late for work as a consequence.

I got a wrist brace for my left wrist, and I'm sleeping in it, and I am doing virtually no knitting or crocheting. Which is annoying. (I'm biting my nails instead. Good? Bad? See why I knit. I am fidgety.)

I am considering a major career change. This one is giving me tendinitis, for goodness sake! (Okay, well, maybe I wouldn't have tendinitis if I didn't knit and spend nine hours a day on a computer, but if something has to go to reduce strain... we know it isn't the knitting, is all I'm going to say.) And I have a very interesting option which most people I know will consider insane. Not because it is dangerous, or involves something indecent or actually crazy, but because it's kind of unconventional and out of left field.

My boyfriend (not partner or whatnot, merely boyfriend) is a trucker. I am on the phone (we both have headsets) over six hours a day. (Seriously - if a bug hits his windshield in an interesting splatter pattern, I know about it.) He is planning to truck for at least another year, but not more than two. He knows it's not a long-term lifestyle option for him: he has hobbies he can't do in a truck, and he wants to have kids that actually recognize him. And I am sick of offices. Do you see where this is going?

I'm researching trucking schools. If I team with him, his pay would go up several thousand dollars, and even though I'd technically be making half of what I make now, my overhead costs would be so much lower that I'd actually be able to save more money than I do now. (Which is presently zilch.) And while it's hard work, I'd get to see the country. Plus, if we can't live in truck together, it's probably not meant to be, but I doubt that. He seems to doubt that, too, because he was one the one who said Yes Please.

Unfortunately, I have a lease that doesn't expire until June (or July?), and two cats. I'm strategizing how to deal with the lease, and I think I could get family or friends to surrogate the cats. My main concern, actually, aside from the fact that I need to get in shape to pass some of the physical requirements of the job, is telling my friends. Esp. the California ones, who have been helping me settle in and nest. When (if?) I end up packing it all up and putting it in storage, they will probably be a) hurt and/or b) pissed. But I really can't do this lifestyle much longer, and the only problem I had with a transitory lifestyle before was the insecurity about money and where to sleep. That is not really a problem with trucking, since it is a job and one lives in the truck.

Plus, knitting is portable.


arianna said...

wow, i love it! i'm so intrigued. i can't wait to hear how this all pans out... i could really seeing you living up the trucker life. everything seems to really work well for you towards that end, too.

and luckily, as you said, knitting IS portable!! :)

Carrie K said...

And if not now, when? WTH.

I can understand friends missing you or thinking of possible problems you might not have considered but not going for it because they'd be pissed off and/or hurt?

If they're that kind of friend - phht.

I would never advise against taking your friends thoughts and feelings under consideration - after all, that's the point of friends, but there are things that only you can ultimately decide.

Carrie K said...

Wait. Is this the guy that your unborn child(ren) trumped?

Christine said...

No, this is the guy who is out trucking so that can can save money to afford kids. :D

Jeanette said...

Wow. I am kind of speechless here. I guess the bottom line is that if you think you will be happy, then go for it. The overly cautious part of me wants to advise you to actually have a few live dates before moving to the transatory lifestyle. That said I am overly cautious, so just follow your heart where ever it leads you.