Sunday, October 23, 2005

Did I Mention I Also Crochet?

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about ten, but I never finished anything until I was in my early twenties: The World's Ugliest Afghan. (I'll spare you the pictures, and just describe it instead.) This afghan was composed of any and all free yarn I could get my hands on, usually orange acrylic 4 ply. I started it when I was fourteen and finished it at twenty when I was desperate for another blanket for those frigid Northern Californian nights. (There was FROST on the porch!) I thought shell stitches were fascinating when I was fourteen, so that's what the whole thing is: a full-size bed afghan with a double-stitch border of variegated brown yarn. Eh! Pretty awful.

I still use it, of course.

From Godawful Afghans I progressed to bobble stitch baby blankets for Sibling #1's children, berets, beanies, and then snoods.

I am a big fan of recycling yarn. (Don't leave your sweater overnight at my house.) I am an even bigger fan of yarn from yard sales and thrift stores. Especially the kind that comes on CONES.


Something went wrong in my brain when I discovered the Solomon Knot. It's very simple, but full of potential. I made so many beaded snoods with it I began to worry if I would ever make anything else.

I wish I knew what I did with the rest of this green yarn. I suspect it was a victim of The Great Moving Purge of 2004.

This snood was made from black wool twisted together with gold thread. The band is elastic, crochetted over.

Here it is from the front. I took a lot of shots of it from different angles, but the light was really bad and it's difficult to take a picture of me that doesn't make me look baby-faced and buck-toothed. Mainly because, well, I am baby-faced and buck-toothed.

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