Saturday, October 08, 2005

Do Blogs Believe In Reincarnation?

I am terrible with computer code. I mean, really bad. Horrendous. I am so miserable at it that I couldn't solve a basic format problem, such as a slipping sidebar (it fell, like old, loose socks, to the bottom on the page, and I couldn't pull it up again!) so in an act of desperation, I killed the weblog that used to go by this name. I rebuilt it into what you see now.

Fortunately this is not my journal blog, so all my whining and grousing remains immortalized in electronic type. Enjoy!

If you happen to be code savvy, feel free to email me and give me a clue about how to fulfill my greatest blog desires, such as:

Adding a left-hand sidebar;

adding buttons;

linking to specific entries from my journal, and vice versa;

and adding those handy progress bars for keeping track of projects like the one in this site.


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