Tuesday, October 11, 2005

That's Just Crazy

About four years ago I started quilting in a casual, DIY manner. I had just moved out of a squat and into a house that rivaled my former abode in tidiness, modernity, and functionality. The only plus to the place was that I was unlikely to be evicted in my sleep and that it had running hot water and a toilet that flushed at the repeated jiggle and coaxing of a handle. I suppose all this luxury went to my head, because I took my old Salvation Army wool blanket and made it into a crazy quilt.

A few points:

1) I've never had a viable sewing machine, so the crazy quilt had to be sewn by hand or by nothing - unless, of course, elves appeared in the night to make my crafting dreams come true. (This is a common fantasy with me.)

2) I was broke. Damn broke. Everything I used was either found or given to me, except for the thread, which I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents.

3) Wool is a terrible thing to use as a quilt filler, but I didn't know that then.

The "Right" side. Composed of 1 tacky yellow clown suit; 2 skort dresses; 1 full skirted dress; and 1 button-up shirt.

The "Superman" side. Composed of 1 Superman twin sheet (note red comic book sound effects); 2 Hawaiian shirts; 1 button-up shirt; 1 "clouds with silver lining" pajama top; couple of scraps of plaid fabric; and the remaining pieces of the full length dress and the clown suit, of course.

It took me a few months to finish it, but I have had it on my bed ever since, "Right" side up. It sheds wool and itches like crazy so I always wash it alone and make certain I have the edge of the sheet pulled up so that it can't touch me while I sleep.

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