Friday, October 21, 2005

The Gift Queue Starts HERE

Last night I used up the last of the red Wool-Ease Quick & Thick yarn while watching Batman Begins. Two surprising things happened:

1) I found I could knit it in the dark. The yarn is so bulky I could feel if it was a purl or knit next, even if I lost my place.

2) Batman Begins wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I actually liked it better than the other Batman movies. (It did have the drawback of starring Christian Bale, who is yet another one of those actors who, above the neck, I find quite unattractive. SEE: Matt Damon for another example.)

This is where I got to when the credits started to roll. I definitely need more yarn. Six inches more would be a good length, plus some fringe of some kind. I'm considering loops.

Bulky? Yes. Comfy and red? Definitely. A little too wide? Er... Perhaps, but there's no turning back now. (Read that as: I am NOT starting this over. I have three more sisters to go!)

My X-mas knitting list is extensive:

Sibling #1: I don't know what she wants, but durn it! I'm gonna make SOMETHING. Something machine washable. She's allergic to cats, and interwoven cat hair is one of the things that distinguishes my knitting/crocheting from the average scarf/hat/sweater too small for any human being to wear. I need to be able to wash out the cat hair and sterilize it somewhat in the drier.

Siblings #2, #3, & #4: They don't get anything! They're BOYS! (maniacal laugh) They might not even notice being excluded, come to think of it. (Siblings #1 and #5 through #8: If you tell, I will make you something ugly!)

Sibling #5: Red scarf, of course.

Sibling #6: Black hat. But what KIND of hat, I have no idea. If she doesn't reply soon, I'm going to make this kitty hat. Teenage gansta girls love this kind of stuff, right?

Sibling #7: Light blue scarf. Already mailed. I promised to give her back her name if she sends me a photo of herself wearing it. I guess she likes her name. (Personally, I think the numbers are easier. Mom doesn't remember our names, so why should I?) It may actually happen - in her email she seemed pretty determined.

Sibling #8: Black mittens. Pattern pending.

Mom: Light blue socks. She has no choice in the matter; I'm making socks.

Dad: Fair Isle hat. (Because just one more plain hat wouldn't be hard enough.)

Paternal Grandparents: Socks! That is, if they give the go-ahead.

Bob (not a family member): black fingerless gloves.

My boyfriend/partner/whatnot: black wool socks. AND a scarf.

Why also a scarf? Well, after he took a picture of me wearing Sibling #5's unfinished red scarf I started to work on my Gentleman's Shooting Socks. I was once again pausing to ooh and ah over them (and making him feel them again. Aren't they lovely almost-socks? Isn't this nice yarn? Look! It's turning BLUE!) when he suggested that maybe they were taking so long because I spent so much time fondling them, rather than knitting them.

I told him that wasn't the case. Socks take time. I did the math.

72s = 1 row
11 rows = 1 inch

I have over 4 inches. That's more than 3100 stitches I've done!

Wonder why it's taking so long?

I don't think I'll be hearing much more criticism of my knitting diligence in the future from him.

Oh, but I was talking about his scarf, wasn't I? Well, I'm getting to that.

Promptly after his discovery (maybe 'discovery' is the wrong word. 'Confirmation', perhaps?) of my masochism he put in a request for a scarf. A scarf of any width, fiber, etc., but it had to be at least three feet long and have this pattern:

In exchange, he would do me a favor.

I said: "Buy the yarn."

Cripes. I've been thinking about this scarf all morning. I hate making one-sided scarves, so the pattern must be reversible. My knitting schedule is already full, so double-knit in a fine gauge is out. Thank goodness I know how to make Argyle socks! I'll just knit it like moss-stitch Argyle, in triangles instead of diamonds. Yes! Yes! That's what I'll do! Moss stitch hides everything!

Oh, man, I am so doomed.

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