Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Night Sock Update

That's right! It's Tuesday night and I'm going to show you my sock! (The fun never stops here.)
This is the Gentleman's Shooting Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I cast on 72 instead of 84 to adjust for my size. The pattern called for a three inch band of ribbing, which is practically half my leg, so I took the liberty of only knitting 12 rows of ribbing. (Variable of 6, just like the pattern, and about an inch high. Sure. Why not?)
The yarn is Meilenwiet.

True, it looks like a wristband right now, but I love it anyway. Here's a detail.

Also, before I run off and do something other than stare at the "Picture Uploading!" icon for minutes on end, here is a sneak peek of the red scarf I am making for Sibling #5. See how big the purls are? Don't they look like bobbles? This scale problem is causing me considerable anxiety. I'm already half-way through the skein. Should I start over with fewer stitches cast on? If I don't, I may have to buy more. If I do, I may have to buy more. It is an insidious trap.

And yes, those are sharpened 1/2" dowels I'm using as knitting needles.

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