Monday, October 24, 2005

A Sketch

Three years ago when I was deciding what to do with my life academically it came down to a decision between art school and architecture school. I thought just doing art would bore me, and art schools are notoriously expensive (at least the ones I was interested in attending) so I chose architecture.

I wonder about that choice every semester. I thought I would have time for art in my spare time, but what they don't tell you about architecture school is that you're lucky if you have time to buy toilet paper. I draw something willingly about twice a year. (I hate drawing buildings, so they don't count.) Lately I have been trying to do more art so that I don't get too rusty. (I can already feel my artist joints stiffening, a kind of mental arthritis.)

Tonight I drew my boyfriend. 2o minute sketch with an EBONY drawing pencil. I have no idea where my pencil sharpener is. I could have sworn I drew it last week, so I defintitely have one somewhere.

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