Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today I:

  • had sticky bun for breakfast with coffee
  • have realized sticky buns with pecans are addictive
  • am having a bag of Fritos and a banana for lunch
  • need to go food shopping, but don't have time
  • got mail!

My boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot left the apartment this morning and then had to come right back because this was already waiting for me in the entry hall:This isn't my Knit the Classics swap package. This is package from Christine, (Thanks, Christine!) who has been reading my blog since she discovered my name (Christine, F.Y.I.) on the Knitting Olympics list and has lately been talking to me about mystery novels. I've never read Edmund Crispin, but Martha Grimes is always a winner, and I covet anything by Margery Allingham, a woman whose works are undeservedly difficult to find - at least for me. I have two if her books - More Work for the Undertaker and The Tiger in the Smoke - because I was fortunate enough to find crumbling copies of them in a thrift store. Think Lord Peter Whimsey, but different, and you've pretty much got it.

The yarn is a skein of light orangish new wool, and three balls of Classic Elite Flash (two blue, one reddish), weight and yardage unknown. I'm already starting to boggle my mind about what to make with it. It's cotton, so the timing is good. (You know a yarn has your attention when you shove it in your purse to take to work, even though there's no conceivable way you'll be able to do anything with it at work.) I have a yarn meter, so I can figure the lengths. Nevertheless, it's a real puzzler, and if anybody has any ideas, let me know. Right now I'm thinking "striped scarf" or "wristwarmers".

On my way to work I sent Christine some books in her box along with the first ball of yarn I came across that didn't cause me physical pain to lose. I hope she knits socks. If she doesn't, maybe she'll learn, because she's got sock yarn now.

Last night, I:

  • went to he coffeehouse for dinner and had a panini and a coffee
  • drank a few sips of beer
  • worked on my writing
  • knit and finished the right front of the IK ballet wrap cardigan
  • started the right sleeve
I got an idea for a skit to write up while walking to work today. If I finish it tonight, I'm going to post it tomorrow. But first, from you, Kind Readers, I need a discontinued yarn coupled with a project that would make someone truly desperate for a ball of that particular yarn.


Jeanette said...

Yay! You can stop cursing the mail man! Enjoy your books and your yarn. I assume I will get to see some (all?) tonight?

Titine24 said...

I feel like I am famous!! That was a great display out of what I consider ends and odds. You are an artist.

wenders said...

So lucky! I love mail. :) I've had a hankering for knitting something in orange, too...! :)

Carrie K said...

I love all these mystery books. I see a huge influx in my collection soon.

Margery Allingham. I think you've mentioned her before but I'd never heard of her. I'll have to go on a serious mystery hunt next month.