Monday, April 24, 2006

Rat Cat Toy

Today I:
  • had a cup of applesauce for breakfast with coffee
  • woke up an hour early because of my disfunctional alarm clock
  • am having leftover Chinese food for lunch
  • am being made crazy by Blogger

Blogger is not allowing my to compulsively edit my posts for typos. As a result, there are rampant typos and even an extra word in this Sunday's episode. I can not express how this makes me feel. Imagine me having to evacuate from work with four hundred other people at 10 am this morning, without a coat, because of a fire alarm, thinking the whole time, "Damn that Blogger! Grrr!", and you might get a bit of an idea of how aggravated it makes me.

In Other News

I crocheted this catnip-filled, long-tail rat last night, thinking that a new toy would distract that attention-monger I call a cat from me long enough to get some writing done before dawn.

That was a silly idea. While I was very pleased with myself for whipping the toy up, I had somehow forgotten that while Jamieson sometimes plays by himself, he is actually the kind of cat that requires someone to move their toy for them. My boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot and I spent a considerable amount of time last night taking turns swinging this rat around. If we stopped, Jamieson would yowl at the wall, or try to climb our backs, or hung about under our chair in a pitiful manner.

I thought I was so clever.

Last night, I:

  • went out for Chinese food
  • had a "chocolate roll" fro ma Chinese bakery for dessert
  • played with the cat
  • drank some wine
  • played with the cat
  • finished another episode!
  • played with the cat


Jeanette said...

Next cat toy you make will have to have a little tiny motor, or vibrator, in it to make it move about on it's own

wenders said...

Evacuated?? High drama on a Monday!

And my best friend has a cat toy that has a remote.

Zee said...

EEK! A mouse!!
They look so cute. ;) My cat would have loved something like this when she was with us. To bad I wasn't knitting then.

Cats are such characters!

Carrie K said...

Hezekiah spent a very fruitful HOUR last night pulling the cakes of yarn one by one out of the bag from the Sonora yarn store. I would have been VERY happy, if she'd been the least bit quiet.

That rat is cute.

There must be some rule that one can only truly see one's own typos once it's been posted. Every other time they jump out at me.