Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not to get too poly-sci on you, but progress is slow

Today I:

  • had some corn chips and olive dip for breakfast with very strong coffee
  • am eating two bean and rice burritos for lunch
  • don't have much to show for myself

Vintage Raglan Cardigan Progress

I actually have two sleeve cuffs and 1/4 of a sleeve, but I am easily distracted, so here's picture of the left front panel that I started Saturday. I am very proud of it. It has a pocket!
The pocket is made by knitting a 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm) square, leaving it on a stitch holder (in my case, a swizzle stick) and then picking those stitches up later once the front is about 5" long, working from the bottom up.

This leaves live stitches on the front of the panel for knitting the ribbing. Through some kind of miracle of yarn, my ribbing matches the color and thickness of the yarn behind it.

Wasn't that exciting? Despite these highlights, this project already feels like it is taking forever. I think I have been spoiled by the quickie projects I've been doing lately. I am tempted about four or five times a day to cast something new on.

Last night, I:

  • had a laundry date
  • ate an eggplant parmesan sub with an Italian beer while doing laundry
  • read some more of The Mystery of the Yellow Room (free e-book version link on my sidebar)

Ever bend over to pick something up and get this weird feeling that something has just jumped on you and is clinging on for dear life? While purring?

No? Then maybe you should meet my cat.


Jeanette said...

Great picture! The purring is just to let you know he loves you!
Your sweater is moving along well.

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture of you and your cat. He loves you!

Carrie K said...

I think that might be more than a feeling.

Cute, cute pic.

Bah, progress. That's the one thing about knitting that drives me crazy, there is really no way to hurry it along.