Friday, April 07, 2006

Things are sort of getting done

Today I:

  • am having a sticky bun for breakfast with coffee
  • need to think about kicking the sticky bun habit
  • have a progress photo of the IK ballet wrap cardigan for you

It wasn't easy to take this photo. I imagine you can guess why.

I like how this cardigan is looking so far - it is ridiculously easy to seam - and it doesn't seem to add much weight to me. I was a little afraid it might make me look like a have a beer gut or am pregnant. The thing that is bothering me (which I totally didn't expect) is the seam along the top of the arm. Notice the bulge? I think either the arms are a little too long, or I have an extra row in the cap shaping. This will bother me to no end, I know it. It must be fixed. So... before I finish the second arm, I'm going to detach the first one, try to fix the problem, then put it back and hopefully have the problem solved. I can then replicate it in the second sleeve. Yesindeedy.

Did you catch that part about this being easy to seam? Boy, I really lucked out.


The Pooh-meister isn't doing too bad as a mystery author so far, folks. I'll most likely finish the book up this weekend and give a full report then. However, if you can't wait, the Gutenberg text of the novel is available here.

Last night, I:

  • had nachos with two beers
  • drank a soy White Russian
  • wrote some, but not enough

Saturday, or late tonight. Really.


Zee said...

I can't stand sticky buns... not anymore! I used to eat them dialy growing up.

The cardi is looking great. You're like me, I'll see my knitting mistakes or mishaps from a mile away. ;)

Milne... going to check it out! Thx!

Lissy said...

I'm liking the wrap. Looks good on you. Tame that sleeve cap -- bend it to your will!