Thursday, April 13, 2006

Writing Poll

I have a swarm of ideas about what to write next. So, to keep my head on, I've created this poll. Vote as many times as you like, and leave comments if you wish.

Poll Results:
If I were to write a serial knitting story, what should it incorporate?

  • a mystery (bodies, stalkers, etc.): 5 votes
  • Boston: 4 votes
  • romantic interests: 2 votes
  • cats: 7 votes
  • interpersonal drama:5 votes
  • supernatural fiends: 4 votes
  • attempts on my part at knitting patterns: 5 votes
  • description of food and/or yarn that verges on the obscene: 5 votes
  • other (please specify in Comments): 1 vote


Titine24 said...

Hello Christine -- The mailman cometh!! I have had no sleep between the books you sent and a short trip to the emergency room with my littlest guy, Graham. I don't regret the lost sleep over the books. - about your writing, I think character development based on observed analogies between knitting and life situations would be excellent - here are some ill-thought out suggestions: "as in doing color work, don't leave _holes_ in your plans" - and then have a situation come up where she/he leaves a _hole_ (or even better, chooses not to leave a hole), etc. "A person in the office is as weird as a seven-stitch cable." We all write from different starting ideas, so this may not be of any help, but if anyone could write this way, you could. Comedic situations would also be nice and memorable, and also apply to knitting.

Jeanette said...

well knitting mysteries have been done, as have knitting interpersonal relationships and love interests, so why not mark you own territory with supernatural fiend rooming the streets of boston, that can only be brought down by a silver 12" size 8 needle through the heart? (or of course you probably much more creative idea)

Christine said...

Hehe, you have a point...

bitterknitter said...

I don't have any good comment, but I voted! I'm sure that whatever you write will be great...check out

over in the sidebar there is a link to the prolouge and ch 1-3 of what she has written, it is amusing.

Carrie K said...

They say that there are only X stories in the world anyway (okay, I forget the number) so write what you want. I voted helpfully anyway. Supernatural fiends scare me.

Anonymous said...

I've read a few knitting mysteries and frankly they were a bit lame. I'd really like to see a knitting mystery with more interesting characters and plots. So, please - have at it and I'll be a fan for sure!


Christine said...

What is it that makes them lame? Shallow characters? Predictability? Transparent mysteries?

Anonymous said...

christine - what makes them lame is that although they were written for adults, they reminded me of mysteries written for youngsters. the writing style and situations were too naive for me.

what i did like was the friendliness of the people learning to knit and spin wool. how those activities were what brought most of the characters together. some the characters made me want to know more about them. but it was hard to wade through much the lightweight dialog. many "oh, please" moments. :-/