Friday, April 28, 2006

Today I:

  • had a croissant and coffee for breakfast again
  • scored two chocolate hazelnut cake rolls
  • am having fruit salad, half a scone, and what I think might be an almond croissant for lunch, courtesy of the OKC

I finished knitting the left front of the Vintage Raglan Cargidan last night. This is where it is revealed to you all (assuming you don't know already) that I am a hopelessly anal retentive knitter. (In the common usage sense.) I am, in all likelihood, pre-blocking this cardigan.

This yarn requires a bit of taming, i.e. pre-blocking blocking. There was an internal struggle over whether the button flap should be blocked flat or folded, and as you can see, folded won out because of the angle created by the future V-neck. I also cut the inside of the pocket loose so that I can sew it back on after the pre-blocking.

What to do with a free weekend

Usually, when I am knitting, my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot talks to me. Or rather, he soliloquizes. This isn't a bad thing. It makes him feel like he is spending quality time with me and is being listened to by a sympathetic audience. Of course, we both know that I am not really listening: I am knitting.

Last night I realized there was something I'd been missing all week. I knew he was going to Philly this weekend, but for some reason, I thought it was on Saturday. It turns out he is actually leaving today. As in, about fifteen minutes after I left for work. (He made sure to buy me cake before leaving. If I were someone else, and he was someone else, I'd think he's about to rendevous with his mistrees and is feeling guilty.) He won't be back until Sunday night, maybe Monday morning. If you add up all the days we have been apart during the five and a half years we have been together you get about a week and a half. Maybe. He always calls me and hates to go, etc.

But I have another take on it.

This is a rare opportunity. I have the "bed" to myself. For two, possibly three, nights. I can use the bathroom in the morning. I could spend all day in a coffeehouse and not worry that he will be waiting for me at home. I could knit and write all day without interruptions - spread my knitting stuff all over the kitchen table without any consideration whatsoever for anyone else's claim to surface space. It is, in truth, a couple days of unexpected freedom!

Except, of course, that I will be waiting around for him to call, because if he can't reach me, he'd worry. And so would I. Because, let's face it - he's going to Philly.

Last night, I:

  • had a panini, a bag of chips, and a soy latte at the coffeehouse
  • knit
  • knit some more


Jennifer said...

For the first three years of my marriage, my husband would leave on Monday morning and get back Friday night. I used to love to watch whatever I wanted, read late at night, only worry about feeding myself dinner, and have our one sink bathroom to myself as well. It got old about mid week, and I was always happy to have him home, but there is something about kind of having a "single" existence while committed to someone.

Titine24 said...

That is going to be one beautiful sweater!! The nuances of color in the yarn really give it depth -- I can see why it made its way into a second sweater. Where did you find the first, and what made you envision unravelling it as a source of yarn originally?

Enjoy your stretching-out respite -- I found myself the object of 5 simultaneous queries (okay, four questions and one angry scream from the toddler) one night last week - no wonder I am always brain-tired!!

Carrie K said...

My first husband used to fly home to Albuquerque every couple of months for a couple of weeks and it was lovely. Actually, I love being single in the morning. It's late at night or at some social functions that I miss being married.

Enjoy your free weekend!

Jeanette said...

The left front looks great, can't wait to see it finished! How did J get to Philly, train or bus? Any chance I will bump into him coming back on Sunday? Thanks for feeding Isis!

bitterknitter said...

I hope your weekend is going well so far! I love it when D is gone for a few days, except that the kitties get more demanding since he is the one that is home with them the most! A chocolate hazlenut cake roll sounds absolutely delicious.