Friday, April 21, 2006

Knittin' 'n Sippin'

Today I:
  • had a piece of toast with cream cheese, broccoli sprouts, and the last of the lox with coffee for breakfast
  • am having two bean and rice burritos for lunch
  • am organizing the blog a little, so your Bloglines may be going crazy

Last night at the North End Knit 'n Sip I worked on these aquamarine Lamb's Pride Super Wash socks. I don't know why, but aquamarine is a color that I can't seem to photograph well. (Here's a link to it on Yarndex for comparison.) So sad, because it is a great color.

But it's hard to tell that in a dim Irish Pub, just like it's hard to tell that the number of stitches between decreases have been miscounted. (The drinks probably didn't help, either, come to think of it.) Despite a couple obvious signs of intoxication, Jeanette was managing to flawlessly knit black lace, so I feel like a real wimp, esp. since I was sitting next to The Bitter Knitter, who, as an aspiring actuary, could have done my counting for me. (44 divided by 3 is 10, right? No? Where's the waitress, I need another drink...)

It was probably for the best, anyway, because I could not for the life of me remember how to kitchener a toe.

When I got home it was stressed to me again by whatshisname, my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot, that I should leave Sunday free so that we could go somewhere and act like a couple. If nagging me about mailing off my tax return and debating who's turn it is to buy the toilet paper isn't being a couple, I don't know what is, but he gets these fanciful ideas. Museums and parks and whatnot. Smelling the roses and having picnics where he plays violin and I knit or read.

I know, it's a sickness.

This doesn't mean that I'm skipping over a new installment of knitting fiction. I created an Annex today, a kind of blogging broom closet or foyer, that lists each installment, and I wouldn't do that if I didn't think there are going to be enough to get confused about where to find them. (You can get to the Annex through my sidebar.) The disruption to my routine caused by this date-or-what-have-you this weekend is actually going to work in your favor: I am going to post Saturday night.

Last night, I:

  • had a banana around 5pm
  • ate fish and chips with fries and coleslaw for dinner
  • washed it down with a Nutty Irishman and a vodka tonic
  • got to shout "Hooters!" a couple times, much to my gratification


Jeanette said...

Obvious signs of intoxication? Who Me? Couldn't be. You should know that I tinked a few times last night, and I haven't examined my lace today. I think it is okay, but I am a little afraid of looking at the lace anyway.

wenders said...

It sounds like I missed out last night. Boo.

Lissy said...

Giggle, giggle. Snork, snrfff. heeeeeeeee! I am gassing about your whole post. Intoxication (giggle), date, roses, knit (snrfff), crazy irishman (hhhhheeeeeeeee)! And I didn't even get shnockered. What's up wit that?

Christine said...

You were an hour late, that's what. And were the first to leave. next time, drink faster! :P