Monday, April 10, 2006

Urg is for Mondays

Today I:

  • resisted the call of the sticky bun
  • had a banana and a coffee for breakfast
  • am missing Second Breakfast
  • am very glad I brought lunch, however inadequate, because I am getting fed up with the lack of variety provided by the basement vending machine


If it's not one thing (Blogger) it's another (Photoshop). I can't upload photos today. Which is very unfortunate, since I had a photo shoot with Jamieson this morning where he was sporting the Neapolitan Ice Cream Flower Afghan like a cat blankie. It was adorable. Just take my word for it.

In Other News

Apparently the Yarn Harlot is coming to town. You know, that woman who started the whole Knitting Olympics business. People are getting pretty excited about going to see her. Me, I'm not going anywhere. It isn't that I don't like her - I read her sometimes, and I've got a phat Knitting Olympics gold medal on my sidebar - but it takes a lot more than a knitting blog celebrity to get me out from under my rock.

I'm a bit of a lurker. I didn't go to the Team Boston opening or closing parties, I don't acknowledge Boston bloggers I don't know personally when I pass them on the sidewalk, and even the ones I know have to make their presence known in a fairly obvious manner because of my Philly blinkers. (Don't look at other pedestrians, never make eye contact, get to destination quickly before someone tries to mug you.) The only person that I would go out of my way to see in room full of 100+ people is this man. Just thinking about it makes me feel all fluttery. (Or maybe that's hunger?) I might go see this one, too, depending on my mood, but as a second choice he's pretty far behind. There's a 50/50 chance I'd stay home and knit. Or read the other guy.

Yesterday, I:

  • had an egg and cheese on a croissant with coffee for breakfast
  • ate a handful of lettuce (the impatient person's salad)
  • had vanilla organic yogurt with raspberries for lunch
  • had potato gnocchi with vodka sauce for dinner with a beer
  • wrote a little
  • got very little knitting done

I worked on the sleeve cap of the Ik ballet wrap cardigan this weekend and have come to the realization that that buldge in the shoulder is part of the design. Which means redesign. Urg.


bitterknitter said...

I was having an awful time trying to upload photos last nite, nothing was working!

wenders said...

I can't imagine anything worse than going to Webs to see the Harlot. That many knitters in one place, with the same objective? No way. ;)

Jeanette said...

Good luck with the redesign, sounds hard to me.