Friday, April 14, 2006

Supernatural Fiends

Last poll, I swear. Maybe this seems intellectually lazy to you, but it's not easy to work out a good (or passable! Please! Please! ) plot in (looking at watch) about 48 hours, and write a bit for it. Maybe it's a bad idea, too. Maybe I should give myself a week.

Nah. Here at Crisis of Praxis, we embrace the crises.

Vote as much as you like. I close this poll tomorrow around noon.

Okay, Let's get specific about these Supernatural Fiends. Which do you prefer?

The poll is closed!

And the results are:

  • werewolves 3 votes
  • vampires 6 votes
  • various nasty undeads (ghouls, zombies,etc.) 1 vote
  • giant spiders! 0 votes
  • ghosts 2 votes
  • The Unseen Evil 2 votes
  • dragons, milord 4 votes
  • pixies 4 votes
  • minor gods 3 votes
  • Your own private demon (Please elaborate in Comments) 0 votes

There's a definite preference, I see, for the undead vs. the living dead, and I thank you. I just threw in ghouls, etc., to be thorough. Describing pus and rot isn't one of my fortes.

So, let's talk about vampires. The trouble with writing about vampires is that (to quote Carrie K.) "they have been done to death lately, no pun intended." So how can I write about vampires without being trite? (True, I've got a couple scenes in my head, but that's hardly a plot.)

And dragons. I'm thinking, really. Pixies I think I have covered. I don't know what I was doing yesterday when I was thinking about the pixies, but I have that all sewn up, so to speak.

It's this overarching plot thingamajiggy. It's Sunday morning, and I haven't had my coffee yet. I think I'll go do that and maybe the brain juices with start flowing. I'll be checking the blog every now and then, so if you're bored on an Easter Sunday, feel free to entertain me in the comments. Don't worry about sounding like you're talking nonsense. I tried to brainstorm the other night with my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot, and all he came up with was giant spiders. With no reason for them. Just giant spiders. We can do better than that. At least, I think so.


Witchypooh Lynne said...

Giant Moths... definitely giant moths, and giant moth larvae.

Carrie K said...

Can one "prefer" a supernatural fiend? They are fiendish after all.

Vampires have been done to death lately. No pun intended. Creepy crawlie things are creepy.

Christine said...

Sure, one can prefer a supernatural fiend, if the description is used loosely. Look at the vote for pixies. Soem definitely prefer them to other supernatural fiends, and understandably!

"Yo! Let us go forth and battle the pixies!"

Jeanette said...

Sorry, I didn't have my computer with me so I didn't get in on the vote (I snuck out of work early yesterday). Hope the plot is coming along as you want!

Zee said...

Oh darn. I was late to vote. :( And since I've been away, I've seen I've missed many things... yikes!

Jeanette said...

So will you vampires have giant spiders as pets perhaps? Or perhaps the pixies will be helping the living fight off the vampires who are riding dragons and sicking giant moths on the unsuspectin yarn shops?
Good luck writing!

Lissy said...

The only kind of pixies I like are Kpixies. Ha ha hahahahaha! I slay me!